An Italian "Inspector Morse"?

No, he doesn't listen to Wagner, nor does he drive a sleek maroon jaguar although I suspect he might like one. Sicily's Inspector Salvo Montalbano has, however, attained a similar cult status in his homeland and, increasingly throughout the world. Montalbano is the creation of Andrea Camilleri. His crime novels have been translated into many languages. In Italy the tv series based on the books has attained such popularity that Italians now travel on literary pilgrimages to the setting of the novels in much the way that Morse fans regularly make their way to the Oxford settings of Morse's world.

Inspector Montalbano lives in the fictional town of Vigata - in reality Punta Secca in the southern Sicilian province of Ragusa. Every morning he swims in the aqua waters of the Mediterranean that laps the beach in front of his house. When a case is tough to crack, Salvo takes a stroll along the golden sand beach. So, a pilgrimage to this lesser-known province of Sicily is not exactly a hardship.

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